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Herbs are Nature's Medicine?

Gemstone Jewelry

Crystal healing is a gentle and non-invasive

process that creates balance on all levels. 

Crystals interact with the human energy field to

heal, calm, stimulate or adjust the energies

within it to bring the body back into balance.


They are beneficial for children, animals, adults and the environment.  Crystals also work on attitudes, emotions and the mind, instilling a feeling of well-being, neutralizing negativity, lifting depression and assisting coordination - both mental and physical.



If it is beauty you are looking for in your jewelry, the 'kiyah Sistahs have designed some very unique pieces that are sure to bring you pleasure to own.

If it's spiritual or  emotional balance you seek, we make very personalized pieces, carefully select your stones to facilitate your healing and balance, and to compliment your energy.

Crystals have an important role in preventing disease and keeping you healthy, as they are gentle and effective healing tools.  Some crystals have astrological correspondences that are alighed to a planet (or zodiac  sign) that 'rules' the part of the body concerned and that

This CUSTOM 7 Chakra Necklace was originally made for a very dear male friend of mine; but can easily be worn by a female as well.


  Replicas can be made with any variations.  PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH ME (theherbalist1750@gmail.com) REGARDING YOUR STONE CHOICES AND AVAILABILITY BEFORE PURCHASING.

Another CUSTOM PIECE that was  made for another dear friend of mine.  He fell in love with it.  It was $75 - but that's because of his choice of stones: Carnelian Wolf, Aquamarine (a very expensive stone), Breciatted Jasper, Sunstone (a bit expensive) and a RARE Indian Rudraksha Bead! 

I have a number of gemstone "wolf pendants" available for you to choose from, and I would design the neckpiece according to your personal energies and stone preferences.  The price will also be less according to your choice of stones.  The simplest necklaces would run $45.

     Fire Agate (SOLD)                   Aventurine               Red Jasper               Flourite            Flourite (pastel)


       Tiger's Eye                  Rose Quartz A                 Rose Quartz B              Rose Quartz C              Sandstone

These wolf pendants are available for individual purchase "AS IS" for $25.    

Exquisite in its simplicity  . . . the GYE NAME symbol
is accented with freshwater grey   and white Pearls . . . .

 . .  and is ONLY $50    

                                                        PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH ME (zakiyyah@sacredhealing7.com) REGARDING YOUR STONE CHOICES                                                               AND AVAILABILITY BEFORE PURCHASING.


    SALE: only $25ea

More styles/colors coming.

2 SOLD: Far left - red, black and green; Upper right: brown, black and white


OMG . . . this beautiful Howlite (white turquoise) with a chalk turquoise Scarab,

                                                               is accented with gold tone base metal charms of the Mer Khutu (pyramids) and Eye of Heru (Horus) . . . .                                                                         ONLY $65 for the necklace with one set of earrings.  Can be substituted with your choice of stone.

                                                               PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH ME (theherbalist1750@gmail.com) IF YOU WISH TO CHANGE YOUR                                                                         STONE CHOICE BEFORE MAKING THE PURCHASE.


Below is one of my favorites (from my personal jewelry chest) . . . .

  Because this is a CUSTOM PIECE, please check with me regarding your stone choices before purchasing.


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Did you know that . . . .

One of crystals most important roles

in healing is in bringing the Chakras

and subtle energy sheath around the

physical body back into alignment.