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This is the second book in this series,

Herbs are Nature's Medicine

Learning the Energetics of How Herbs Heal can give you the tools you need to stop having unnecessary surgeries and having to take drugs with horrendous side effects (that leaves you worse off than the disease you are taking them to heal). You owe it to yourself and your family to have a better and much safer way to heal.

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Don't continue to gamble with your organs, your general health, or your families'.  Get your personal copy now, AND order one for your best friend.  And before you are finished reading the book, I promise you will be able to begin to make some basic lifestyle changes that can begin to totally reverse your cycles of illness into cycles of wellness and really good health.

BOOK 2:INTRO to Healing

with the Elements

BOOK 1:The Energetics of How Herbs Heal, without Drugs or Surgery


for Release:

Fall 2018

Herbs are Nature's Medicine?

2015 Indie Authors Book Expo

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This is the first book in this 

series, and has been awarded:

​2016 FINALIST ~ Author of the Year

Herbs are Nature's Medicine

                                  Follow me through

                                  the pages of my first

                                  book, as I help you

                                  understand the life

                                  energy and direction

                                  that herbs possess, and how their tastes and yin/yang energies impact on your states of health and disease.  

Did you know that your zodiac sign has a direct influence on your health, and your inherent strengths and weaknesses? Make sure to get your copy and learn how to access your sign's healing power.

Almost all major diseases have an emotional base, and is inherently (and ancestrally) connected to some major

life event or crisis that we have not acknowledged, embraced, healed and/

or released!  And so "disease" is our body's wisdom of ridding itself of what we have failed to process, heal and eliminate.