The Sacred Healing 7 Herb Center  has been around for over 35 years. I taught my very first herb course in July of 1987 at the TRS Professional Suite (they used to be on 30th Street off 5th Avenue in NYC and have since moved to 40 Exchange Place in the Wall Street area in 2012).

At that time I was fully engaged in teaching martial arts and

herbology (and held Herb Walks in the Bronx and Manhattan).

At that time the Center was named the "Wushu Herb Center."  

< Me circa 1979 (Inset w/Grand Master Abu Bakr)

                                                                                       I am pictured to the

                                                                                       left leading one 

                                                                                       of my herb classes

                                                                                       on an herb walk in

                                                                                       1987; and leading

                                                                                       another class below in 1988, both in the Bronx.

I am pictured to the left with my 

teacher and Herb Master Michael

Tierra (on my left; in 1986 he came

to NY to personally present my

Herb Course Certificate to me) and

on my right is my Grand Master

Abu Bakr, with whom I studied

Shaolin WuShu Kung Fu  for over 20 years.

The marriage to my Grand Master begot an awesome son, Ishaka, who is a self-

                                                          taught Pro Parkour Athlete, Coach and 

                                                          Personal Trainer (

After receiving my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Wushu Kung Fu (1982), I joined an awesome women's martial arts organization - where I served two terms as it's National Secretary and Editor of its Newsletter.  

Our focus: "stopping the violence against women." I spent the next ten years traveling around the country teaching herbology, martial arts, chakra healing and meditation classes to women from all around the world.

​​These Special Training camps took place in institutions such

as Yale University (to the right) in Connecticut in 1986, Kent State

University (below left) in Ohio in 1987, Haverford College (far right

below) in Pennsylvania in 1988,Loyola University (below center)

in Chicago in 1991, Hofstra University in New York, Hobart Smith

in Geneva, NY, and Evergreen State College in Washington State

                            (bottom left) in 1995.



As life dictates that everything must change in order to grow, and by 1996 we evolved into the Sacred Healing 7 Herb Center. We currently offer a variety of beginners and advanced herb courses, seminars, workshops, Newsletter, Blog and Website.

Pictured here with my favorite herb,

MULLEIN, taken on the streets of

the Bronx in the early 1980s.

Did you know that . . . .

DISCLAIMER: This SACRED HEALING 7 HERB CENTER web site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure any physical, mental or medical problems, nor as a substitute for medical supervision by a licensed health- care professional; but to offer a variety of alternative healing modalities, information, and tools, to help the visitor in their quest to enhance their natural healing abilities for their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth and well-being.

Herbs are Nature's Medicine?



Picture taken in the early

1980s (in front of theHarlem

State Office Building in NYC)

with my very first herb teacher,

Master Herbalist Dr. John Moore.

My path as a healer began with the martial arts in 1977.  After receiving my 2nd degree black belt in WuShu Shaolin Kung Fu, my Grand Master told me that I have to study a healing art.  I chose reflexology - which lead me to discover herbology.


circa 1983

circa 1983


< 2017


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