4                                                                                          Ajna comes from the Sanskrit root which means

                                                                                                        ‘to know & command’. Unlike other chakras below

                                                                                                        this one,  ajna does not have a related element,

                                                                                                        because its nature is the higher mind beyond form

                                                                                                        and pure intuition. It perceives directly and needs

                                                                                                        no information from the 5 senses to validate its

                                                                                                        perception. Some believe that ajna chakra relates to the brain, because like the brain it is the command center of our system. Others believe ajna is related to no physical organ or thing and is purely transcendental.

According to the bihar school of yoga, ajna chakra is located in the brain at the top of the spinal cord above the medulla oblongata. It governs the pineal gland which is called the master gland acting as a very complex switch for all the other glands in the body. In diagrams ajna chakra is located directly above and between the eyebrows, hence symbolically it is often shown as a large single eye, known as the divine or third eye that can see beyond the veil or surface appearance of things and into the heart of the matter, perceiving directly the underlying truth within all things.

Ajna chakra is vitally important because being seated at the brow, it is the vital link simultaneously connecting the supreme state of consciousness above (Sahasrara) with the unconscious state below at (Mooladhara) situated at the base of the sushumna and spine. It is also the point of confluence where the two primal male and female forces unite to create the unified and enlightened state of consciousness.

Ajna chakra affords us a psychic ability and intuitive capacity that provides a ‘knowing’ without input of sense data or through reasoning. People with a highly developed ajna chakra can have psychic gifts called siddhis in yoga, such as having the ability to read another persons thoughts and feelings or even see into the future. When often faced with a problem or councelling a person, a yogi can use the spontaneous and organizing principle of ajna chakra to perceive information and images which tell them about the person, their past, the cause within the problem, and also images and information which hints at their future. The truth is imparted through the medium of this chakra which is beyond space and time and therefore has the capacity to know the past and future and to connect to someone no matter where they are and communicate.

By going into a state of meditation, turning consciousness away from the external world and inwards, the mind is made quiet and open to receive the truth and insights available through the medium of ajna chakra. Like vishuddhi chakra ajna is also objective, but more impersonal with the sheer function of psychic ability. It is the objective witness of events and silent commander. It is the wisdom of our dreams and deep intuition and always there for awareness to tap into through reflection and meditative practices.

Ida and Pingala (female and male) channels arise from the root chakra mooladhara and they wrap around the central channel Sushumna to help form chakras at various points along the spine. They finally come together and finish their ascent in ajna chakra situated at the mid brain. The main aim of yoga is to eventually unite these two forces at ajna chakra and achieve liberation from the suffering of duality and the mental habits of attachment to the world of the senses and their objects. The energy of the mind is then released from bondage to the transitory of life, people, places and things and is somewhat withdrawn but at the same illumined to the eternity of its essence, blissful, all encompassing and totally free. In this very high level of awakening a person has united with their eternal essence in stabilized concentration and now pereceive life purely from a spiritual perspective and are no longer pulled and pushed by desires and attachments to people or the transitory of lifes ups and downs. Apparently they abide in a constant state of bliss.

Far from being an isolated and lonely state, the people who have fully activated this inner potential are completely free, but very loving and usually fully immersed in giving, teaching and helping the people and communities who are fortunate enough to have a leader of such inner development and purity amongst them. Although such a state may seem far off to us right now, every journey must begin with a starting point and its possible through yoga practice and perseverance to cause the union of these two forces to take place. Many of the Tantric techniques are trying to purify the ida and pingala nadis and cause the kundalini in mooladhara to awaken & rise up into ajna chakra & eventually sahasrara for the true satisfaction of all possible desires in full enlightenment.

Ajna chakra then is the point of confluence where the three main energy pathways, ida, pingala and sushumna nadi merge into one stream of consciousness and flow up to Sahasrara, the crown centre of creation. In Indian mythology these 3 pathways (nadis) are represented by its three great rivers. Ida relates to the river Ganga (feminine), pingala relates to the river Jamuna (Masculine) and sushumna to the subterranean current flow called Saraswati. They all converge at a place today known as Allahabad, where every twelve years a huge spiritual festival takes place with the astrological alignment of the sun rising in aquarius. During this auspicious period, many devotees will come and bathe at the rivers point of confluence, symbolically represented by ajna chakra, believing they are being purified. Perhaps through the blessing and power of belief, many healings have taken place there.

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