Before any illness or disease manifests as symptoms in your body, your Aura and energy bodies are affected first.  As a "Healing Energy Facilitator,"my first job is to clean the dirt off your Aura, which makes healing the physical body 3X faster.  One of crystals’ most important roles in healing is to bring the Chakras and subtle energy sheath around the physical body back into alignment to start the healing process of eliminating the disease.

Do you know that the Creator has built into your body systems, the resources

to help you transform and remold your emotional responses to life events?

And that you have the tools-in-hand, to manage your stress levels? Enter the Chrysalis Chamber and tap into those inherent resources within!  

I have been writing an herb column for Harlem News Group newspaper since 2009. Their distribution (50,000) covers the five boroughs in New York City.  

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With jasmine and just a touch of orchid, this soap is sure to make you feel at peace on even the worst day. energy healing

With jasmine and just a touch of orchid, this soap is sure to make you feel at peace on even the worst day.

​With jasmine and just a touch of orchid, this soap is sure to make you feel at peace on even the worst day.

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HaNM Book I: 

FIBROIDS on herbs: poof! Abracadabra ~ GONE!   KIDNEY STONES on herbs: now you see them, now you DON'T!

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DISCLAIMER: This SACRED HEALING 7 HERB CENTER web site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure any physical, mental or medical problems, nor as a substitute for medical supervision by a licensed health- care professional; but to offer a variety of alternative healing modalities, information, and tools, to help the visitor in their quest to enhance their natural healing abilities for their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth and well-being.

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It became evident to me early in life that I was created to serve. I began studying and teaching the martial arts in the late 1970s and expanded my studies to include the healing arts of yoga, meditation, reflexology and then herbology. To this end, as a reflexologist, herbal practitioner and educator, I began treating and teaching at my martial arts school, and then teaching around New York, and then the country. As of 2016/2017 I expanded my healing skills to include Reiki Master II and Pranic Healing.  Currently, my focused intention remains threefold: 1 - to help people understand their bodies and the natural disease process so they can make small changes in their lifestyle to eliminate disease; 2 - to educate people on the natural healing properties of herbs and foods so they can heal themselves and their families, and 3 - give them hands-on skills and tools to make their own healing teas, ointments, and capsule formulas.

To further manifest my purpose and to serve you, I have authored, and am about to self-publish my first (of four) book(s):

HERBS ARE NATURE'S MEDICINE: Book I ~ The Energetics of How Herbs Heal, without Drugs or Surgery,

scheduled for release this Spring 2018.  

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Ask me a question or make a suggestion. Your suggestions will help me to serve you better.  I'd love to receive your comments or help with any herbal or health questions you might have:

Columnist (since 2009),

"Herbs are Nature's Medicine,"

for Harlem Community News

(circulating in the 5 Boroughs of NYC).